Here the Thuraya and the Iridium Satellite telephone were already in use.

Tesla Trophy Cairo to Cape Town 2020

Comebackalive supports

Comebackalive supports the Tesla Trophy from Cairo to Cape Town in 2020.

Tips & Tricks

  • Satellite phones or similar devices (e.g. Thuraya Sat Sleeve) may not be imported into India!
  • Try out your device at home first to familiarise yourself with it.
  • Save all your important phone numbers onto your set or onto your simcard for emergencies when you are still at home.
  • When there is a poor connection check whether the antenna is fully extended.
  • Know the satellite phones number and pass it on to the relevant people.


  • Text messages to Iridium satellite phones can be sent under for free.
  • E-mails can be sent to Iridium satellite phones by entering the phone number into the following generic address, 8816[number] (maximum of 160 characters)
  • In order for your rented Iridium device to be used in Russia it must first be registered with Iridium Russia. We are happy to supply the necessary information required for this process.