Here the Thuraya and the Iridium Satellite telephone were already in use.

Tesla Trophy Cairo to Cape Town 2020

Comebackalive supports

Comebackalive supports the Tesla Trophy from Cairo to Cape Town in 2020.

Connections/Network Rates


Voice calls

  • Iridium to landline/mobile: 1.50 CHF/minute

  • Iridium to Iridium: 1.25 Fr./minute

  • Iridium to other satellite networks: 15 CHF/minute


  • SMS (160 characters): 0.40 CHF/SMS


  • Iridium to Iridium: 1.50 CHF/minute

Calls will be charged per minute.



Charged in units, which Thuraya describes as $. Please note that this does not correspond to USD. One unit cost 1.45 CHF

Voice calls

If you are staying within the Thuraya net-coverage area in one of the following countries (Zone A), the cost per minute:

from Zone A to Thuraya: 0.85$, eq. 1.25 CHF Zone A
from Zone A to Zone 1: 0.90$, eq. 1.30 CHF Zone 1
from Zone A to Zone 2: 5.09$, eq. 7.40 CHF Zone 2
from Zone A to Zone 3: 8.10$, eq. 11.75 CHF Zone 3

If you are staying outside the Zone A countries, you will be in Zone B and one minute will cost:

from Zone B to Thuraya: 1.25$, eq. 1.80 CHF Zone B (coloured red)
from Zone B to Zone 1: 1.85$, eq. 2.70 CHF Zone 1
from Zone B to Zone 2: 6.02$, eq. 8.75 CHF Zone 2
from Zone B to Zone 3: 9.65$, eq. 14.00 CHF Zone 3


1 SMS (160 characters) costs the standard price of $0.35, eq. 0.50 CHF


Data connections have a standard price of $5/MB, eq. 7.25 CHF


All prices are subject to change without notice