Here the Thuraya and the Iridium Satellite telephone were already in use.

Tesla Trophy Cairo to Cape Town 2020

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Comebackalive supports the Tesla Trophy from Cairo to Cape Town in 2020.

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Imagine you are on a hiking tour, a safari or literally in the wilderness. Your adventure takes you off the beaten path where your mobile will display „No Signal“, yet at that precise moment your normally very relible car’s engine decides to give up the ghost; or during the ascent to a mountain summit in Pamir there is an accident. You need immediate (medical) help, but without signal from your traditional phone there is no solution. These are but two scenarios where a satellite phone would be very useful. There are additional benefits to this technology: when roaming fees in exotic countries are often exorbitant and the quality of voice calls leaves a lot to be desired then Satelite phones offer a distinct advantage including moderate fees and a stable connection.

Iridium Satellite Technology

Iridium 9575 Extreme

The Iridium network guarantees global coverage. Wherever you are on the planet with an unrestricted view to the sky you will be able to connect to the satellite. The Iridium network comprises 66 of its own satellites. These satellites circle the earth in different orbits ensuring that at any given moment there is at least one you can connect with. The use of The Iridium Satellite phone is mainly suitable in mountainous areas and polar regions, which are not covered by any other provider. Iridium offers phone calls and also text messages which can be made using the Iridium 9555. The connection fee for 1 minute is around 1.50 CHF and to send a text message arpund 0.40 CHF